Rune Stones Quest 3 Game Free Download

Rune Stones Quest 3 Game Free Download

Rune Stones Quest 3 Game Peaceful life began in the lands of the Kingdom of the Dwarves. The minority began to return to their homes. But over the years, many promises have been broken and revoked. After arriving at our local location. We look sadly at the ruins of our once prosperous homes and farms. But there was never a sad time! Dwarves are always named for their hard work! We will be remodeling our home and building a new farm that will be even better than before! I have to say something else. After finding out where you go to the Royal Librarian, explore the ruins of the old town of the nearby Dwarves.
It is possible to find artifacts and prevent the knowledge of previous generations from disappearing. Go back in time to discover that the people on the mountain once formed five rocks with five forces. The one who captures the runes can control all types of nature. The Kingdom of the Dwarves prospered while they had Runes and all security was limited to them. One day darkness fell and the villain pretended to be a Runes weapon.



  •  64 Levels.
  • 10 unique locations.
  • different game modes.
  • Advanced 3D Graphics
  • Magnificent atmosphere and graphics.
  • Construction of a settlement.
  • Harvest and crop harvesting.
  • Extraction of treasures.
  • Extraction of rune stones.

system Requirements

  • Windows /XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 GHz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0


Rune Stones Quest 3 Game Free Download

You can download its setup from given link:

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